Cake Hop

Cake Hop is a fun casual puzzle game that we recently published in Google Play Store. Here’s the promo for the game:

Gas Dash

We just published our first game Gas Dash in Play Store and Windows phone store. Gas Dash was inspired by the old school NES game Road Fighter and the simplicity of the game was inspired by the then popular game Flappy Bird. The idea was to make a game that has simple input and is fun to play with very little that player needs to worry about. The user controls the player car by simple touch that works anywhere on the screen. Below is the video showing the gameplay in action. Enjoy!!

Available for download on both App Store and Google Play

Hello World!

Let us introduce ourselves as Caterva Games. We are an Indie studio developing games for everyone. We make games that are simple to learn and fun to play. We emphasize on aesthetics and value good user experience. Hope you guys enjoy our games.